HBA COVID Procedures

UpdatedWednesday February 17, 2021 bySteve Greene.

Dear Parents,

The safety of everyone is the highest priority for us so the upcoming HBA baseball season will be conducted differently than in previous years.  As a result, we would like everyone to be aware of this prior to registration.  Below is a summary of items we want to make you aware of prior to registration and some key procedures and precautions from Responsible RestartOhio and the HBA recommendations for all teams to follow once play has begun.

We will continue to observe the state's COVID guidelines for this upcoming season until we are notified otherwise.  The Ohio Department of Health just recently (January 26) released revised guidelines - we have included a link for you to read below.

Youth-Collegiate-Amateur-Club-Pro-Sports- Responsible restart covid guidelines as of 1-26-21.pdf

Please note that it is now required that all spectators wear face masks while attending games and practices.  Any attendees who refuse to wear a face mask will be asked to leave the field area with your child until compliant.  We will continue to follow all state and local rules when it comes to COVID in an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy while serving our community.

Below is a link to a chart issued by Responsible RestartOhio that includes more information than specifically highlighted below, and we ask that every parent read and be familiar with this information.



  • Will be different this year then years past.
  • Registrants need to agree to HBA/City/School and COVID Waivers by clicking acceptance in registration prior to getting to checkout.
  • Lindsay’s Law confirmation will be a click prior to registration completion.
  • If you have a credit from the spring registration, you will be required to use for this season if you choose to play.  We will email a promotion code to all of those with a credit to be used in checkout.  Those codes are unique to each registrant, so please use the code sent to you.  Unused credits will still carry forward to future seasons.
  • # of players per age group will be dependent on the # of coaches that sign up with additional requirements required by Responsible RestartOhio guidelines.
  • We cannot and will not guarantee any team requests that will depend on the # of volunteer coaches we get who agree to increased responsibilities noted below.
  • If registration needs to be limited due to a lack of available coaches, priority will be given to players that kept credit from canceled Spring/Summer.

Coaches Responsibilities: Before signing up to be a volunteer coach we want to be clear that there are many additional mandated items a coach will have to deal with this fall 2020 season. 

  • Conduct daily symptom assessments on players and coaches.  Confirm parents took players temperatures or take temperatures yourself.  Keep a temperature log of your activities.
  • Ensure no one is sharing water/coolers, equipment, and make sure each team supplies its own baseballs when they are in the defensive fields.
  • Solicit and coordinate a “family” per week to be responsible for sanitizing any equipment that will be shared (batting helmets/catchers gear).
  • Adhere to 6-foot distancing
  • Enforce dugout restrictions as players should be with families when not in the game.  Only on deck batter and following batter should move to dugout before hitting.
  • No High 5’s….we will tip cap to other team for sportsmanship after games.
  • Ensure families of players are not encroaching on the playing field and are following distancing guidelines and do not enter field of play. 
  • Mask wearing is recommended for coaches, but not required.
  • Should a case of COVID be mentioned by player or opposing team coach contact the commissioner of your age group to start Health department protocols.
  • Understand safety of the children and yourselves are of utmost importance, commit to following state of Ohio guidelines as the schools/City are watching and can pull our field usage if they see people ignoring the protocols put in place.
  • Per usual HBA standards, no swearing/smoking/drinking during HBA events and monitor your sidelines to ensure the same of parents.
  • Only Head coach (who will be given a Black H hat) is permitted to speak to umpires. Distanced 6 feet.

Pre-game procedures:

  • If any player is not feeling well or has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, please stay home from the game or practice that day.
  • Please utilize the Sports SignUp Play app to record your attendance in advance so that lineups can be submitted electronically in advance.


  • Whenever possible, equipment and personal items should have proper separation and not be shared. If equipment must be shared, proper sanitation should be administered between users.
  • We would like to ask for a volunteer of one family per game to provide sanitizing spray or wipes to help clean any shared equipment.
  • During games, the defensive team will provide the balls for play.  Umpires will not have extra balls.
  • It is strongly recommended that players have sanitizer in their equipment bags and frequently utilize it throughout practice and in between innings during game play.
  • Coaches are recommended to wear face coverings at all times; but are not required.
  • Players are required to wear face coverings when not on the field of play.

In-game Procedures:

  • Player equipment shall be stored in the dugout, but the players are recommended to sit with their families when not on the field as a fielder, batter, baserunner, or on deck.
    • The player after the on-deck batter and player after that can be in the dugout preparing for their at bat.
  • There will be no post-game handshake line.  It is recommended the players line up along the baseline in front of their dugout and tip their cap to the other team.

Family & Fan Expectations:

  • It is required that face coverings are worn by fans at all times.
  • Games played at the school fields will not have a porta potty accessible.  The cleaning requirements to have these available at the school location are not possible at this time without asking coaches and family members to clean them.  Please try to utilize the bathroom before leaving home when scheduled at a school field. 
  • The restroom facilities at Municipal Park are currently expected to be available.

Thank you in advance for helping us adhere to these requirements to keep everyone safe while enjoying baseball.