Buddy Ball

UpdatedSunday January 3, 2021 bySteve Greene.

HBA offers a "Buddy Ball" division for kids with special needs.

Buddy Ball is for physically and mentally challenged boys and girls to enjoy the full benefits of youth baseball.  The Buddy Ball division welcomes players ages 6 through 18, or those who haven’t completed high school.  This is not limited to children residing in the Hilliard School District. 

Rules are also modified and special equipment, as necessary, is utilized along with a “Buddy” system, to accommodate various levels of skill. The Buddies, selected volunteer youth, are charged with assisting each participant in the field and at bat. The adult coaches and assistants will demonstrate leadership with positive and constructive direction, tempered with patience and understanding. Parents should be able to sit back, relax, and cheer for their child(ren) while they are playing a baseball game. 

Games are scheduled to be played on Sunday afternoons in May and June at 3:00 pm. The games last one hour and consist of two teams of kids, each with a Buddy helper.  There is no fee for this program, it is funded entirely from the registration fees for HBA baseball. 

We are always looking for new players and volunteers!  If you would like more information or have a child that wants to play or volunteer, please email us at: kmiles@wowway.com