Umpire Sign Up and Registration

Updated Wednesday February 3, 2016 by Charlie Steitz.

Umpire Sign Up and Registration


Go to
Click on HBA (second column)
Click on Public and then Registration (left-hand side)
Click on Submit New Registration (right-hand side)
Fill out and click on submit
Username and password will be emailed back to you once your registration has been accepted. You are welcome to change your passwords once your registration has been approved.

Log into RefTown and click onto schedules (third tab at top)
Click Availability
Click on Edit Availability (in red, top and center of calendar)
Enter your availability for the season. Make sure that you keep your calendars updated on a regular basis. Games are assigned according to availability that is shown on your calendars.
Underneath the words “log-out” (top right), you will see “Calendar Instructions”. This will give you the instructions to help you fill-in your calendar.
Make sure that you click SUBMIT CHANGES. Your calendar will not be saved unless this is done.
As before, you will receive an email advising you of game assignments.

You must accept and or decline assignments.

48 hour reminder notices will be emailed to you this year.

Should you be unable to fulfill your assigned commitment after 48 hour notice has been sent, you are required to notify Kelly Montgomery or Mary Beth Goldsberry as soon as possible. NO- SHOWS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. DO NOT FIND A REPLACE YOURSELF.



Log-in and access game schedules
Click on pencil icon on left of game that you are reporting on. Simply enter score of game and incidents that you wish to bring to our attention.
Click submit